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Brand Strategy

The first and critical step in ensuring a solid brand direction. I take the time to understand your businesses and your wider view for the future, forming the foundations in which the creatives can be developed. Having the all important conversations with you around the vision, values and persona of the company which all help to join the dots between the business and the brand.

Creative Direction

Determining a creative direction before setting out to create a brand is a smart investment. Having a clear view of your competitors and sectors brand identities will help to give a solid understanding of how to position your brand creatively. I can carry out a competitor audit to give you informed insight into how best to differentiate from competitors and define your brand’s position in the marketplace creatively. From this research I then bring together a visual mood board of colours, patterns, imagery and font choices, setting a visual tone for the brand that we are all on board with.

Logo Design

Your logo is the very core of your brand identity and the visual stamp that you company uses across and documents or marketing materials. I can create a logo that is simple, flexible and conveys a true representation of your business. The logo design process involves developing various concepts alongside carefully selected colour palettes and font pairings.
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Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines will help keep things in check. They’ll stop any rogue colours creeping in or the wrong fonts being used. Circulate them around the team and to external agencies so everyone is on the same page!

Design for Marketing.

Design Manager

Being a design manager means that I can provide much more than solid branding and design work for the businesses I work with. 

I become part of the on-going conversations and development within the company, getting to know the inner workings of the sales journey, the services, the products and the customers. 

This knowledge then allows me to add more strategic value through the creatives, as a designer, a brand guardian and a creative director, pulling in other tactical marketing assets such as photography and content to deliver the bigger picture.

Design Services

Brand Collateral
Presentations & Proposals
Print Advertising
Digital Design

Creative Network

I have an established and trusted creative network and can provide project management and creative direction:

Marketing Strategy
Content Creation
Social Media Management
Web development

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