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Our Branding services include all the nuts and bolts you need to build a strong and successful brand identity.

You’ll be guided through our proven process and consulted at every step of the way ensuring that you leave the process equipped with everything you need to set your brand up for success.

brand foundations

Our first step is to get to know your business. Our goal is to ensure that your brand identity truly speaks to your customers and reflects your values and persona.

You’re in safe hands with our proven process. We can craft your identity to make sure it’s working towards reaching your goals as a business. 

Getting to know you
Key services and products

Customer Segments
Who are where are your customers? How do they find you? What’s the customer journey and process?

Market Position
Who are your competitors or professional benchmarks? What do they do differently?

Value Proposition
Where do you add value? What do you do differently?

What are your goals and business roadmap?

logo design

Now we have understood more about your business, your audience and your goals, we are able to start crafting your brand identity. 

Minimum of two unique logo concepts
Each concept will be designed to fit your brief, but with a view to give you some different options. As we have been through the all-important creative consultation, we will be able to confidently hit the mark!

Branding mockups
In our presentations we always include branding mockups. We find these are a great way to help you visualise your brand coming to life! 

Review meeting
In our review meeting, we will present our thinking behind the concepts. Highlighting any particular strengths and benefits from each concept, giving you thoughts and advice on how the logo can be built into a full identity. We are here to consult and guide you, making your final choice nice and easy!

Brand guidelines

Brand Guidelines are an essential reference document that can help your brand identity remain consistent and intact throughout the years to come. 

Our standard guidelines include:

Logo and variations
Icon logo (if applicable)
Scale and how to use the logo

Colour Palette
References in CMYK, RGB & HEX (Pantone Colours can be selected on request)
Colour Ratio – How to use the colours in your marketing

Brand font, secondary font & web font

We can also include other specific area such as Photography Style, Custom Patterns or Icons, Design Examples across digital and print materials. 

beyond the logo

As a fully integrated design department, we are here to support the development of your brand, beyond your logo.

With in-house skills including design, branding, illustration, website development and motion graphics we have the expertise to deliver across all print and digital medias. Dream big!



Our branding services are fully tailored, however, if you aren’t sure about what you are looking for, here are some helpful packages that our clients have enjoyed!


The perfect package if you are just starting out with a new company or in need of a new direction with an existing one.
  • Creative Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • Print and Digital Logo Pack
  • One Page Brand Board


Taking things to a higher level. Evelvate includes our brand values and persona workshop.
  • Creative Consultation
  • Values and Persona Workshop
  • Logo Design
  • Print and Digital Logo Pack
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Design Pack - 10 Hours


All brands need to evolve and this package has been crafted for established businesses looking to refresh a tired identity.
  • Creative Consultation
  • Logo Design
  • Print and Digital Logo Pack
  • One Page Brand Board
  • Design Pack - 5 Hours


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